Over the years, we have come to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels—because they’re a finite source—and have adopted solar energy as a way of meeting our energy demands while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint. With that being said, solar photovoltaic cells play a pivotal role in harnessing the sun’s energy to produce electricity, and they are the foundation of today’s solar power. They are intricate and complex pieces of technology and should NOT be handled by an individual who is a novice on the subject.

Zano Solar is proud to offer all-exclusive professional consultancy services for the design, construction, and analysis of photovoltaic energy systems in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you work with us, you get 12 years’ worth of experience in solar fields, engineering, solar energy solutions, and solar power plants to guide you through your project—feasibility analysis, authorization request, and renewable energy plant design.

We believe in working with our customers every step of the way. To make our consultation services streamlined and efficient, we start as early as the design stage and go through the planning process till the very end. We are very thorough in our energy system diagnosis and can quickly formulate solutions that complement both the performance and the quality of your system.

The best part about our consultation services is that you don’t necessarily have to buy all of our other services to access them. We’ll work with you even if you’re buying from other solar companies and ensure that you have the right kind of solar panels installed and they comply with the relevant safety codes.

If you’re hooking-up your home or office with a solar system that is being put together by different vendors/companies—a common practice in the industry—then we can assist you in the buying process since most customers are unaware of pointers to look out for when buying solar equipment. Furthermore, we’ll also double-check if the offers you’ve received are feasible and whether the design done for you will meet your energy demands.